Jun 21 , 2021

Living positive life does not mean ignoring or avoiding the realities that are negative in nature. It means seeing things as it is, accept negative as negative and accept positive as positive. Opening to the feeling that arises with open heart. Positive living is starting to see a bigger picture rather than focusing on negative or damaging part of an experience. Experiencing happiness on day-to-day basis is a key of wellness. Do things that makes you happy. It could be playing sports or games that you like or exercising or watching video that makes you feel happy.

What does it mean to live a positive life?
Know your values and your life will be better. Having Values gives you direction in life and improves the quality of decision making, the way you live your life determines the quality of your life. Decide your values as: financial, emotional, spiritual, physical, and social. Know your values so that you can make a conscious decision on how to spend your time. The important thing is to be able to recognize the things that keep you from living a meaningful and happy life. Do you feel you are stressed? Do you get angry for no reason? Did you feel helpless? Do you have fears and anxieties? These are your values! Whenever you feel that you are falling into a negative spiral try and identify what is making you feel this way. Learn to identify negative people or situations in your life.

Accepting the negative and positive as it is
Many of us still tend to focus on the negative but forgetting to see the positive part in each of it. If you are focusing on the negatives of the situation, you can only attract negative events to you. Focusing on the positives can help to create positive experiences. Focusing on the positive helps you not only stay positive but can create a positive impact on your outlook in the future. Positive people usually say things like "things happen for a reason" and "everything happens for the best". These statements are powerful because when you look for the positives in life, you can realize the good things happening to you and your life. And it keeps reminding you of your priorities. Positive people do things that make them happy.

Benefits of living a positive life
Perks to Living A Positive Life are multifolds.

  1. It mobilizes neurotransmitters in mind , memory, and makes you feel energized and happy.
  2. Reconnects you with yourself and other people. It helps you to embrace the moments that make you happy. Feeling that gives you a sense of belonging and significance to yourself and your surrounding.
  3. It helps in dealing with grief and pain. It helps you to avoid from depression.
  4. Helps you to understand and deal with emotions and difficulty. Improves mental health and well-being.
  5. Gives you more confidence, positivity, and excitement.
  6. Helps you to manage your day to day problems. Helps you to grow and excel in various aspects.
  7. Helps you to see life with brighter and joyful lens. Living a positive life can help to create a safe and empowering space for you to stand on.

Some Ways To Live a Positive Life
The secret of success is to give out to others as you receive from them. Success is to give, not to receive. It is to give to enjoy, to enjoy to give. If you look to the actions of many successful people, they demonstrate two behaviors: Giving is inherent to success, and there are no small actions. Ways to Live a Positive Life A positive and happy life, should not be determined by whether you are financially well off. It is the amount of happy you feel on a day-to-day basis. No one can predict the future, so do not waste your time on a path that will lead you nowhere. If you get an internal motivation to change the way you feel, and to change the way you look at the world, you can change your destiny.

To live a positive life, you must treat your mind, body, and soul with the right nourishment. Do not let bad thoughts and emotions overpower you. You must make yourself stay away from negative people unless and until you develop that power to not to be influenced by their negative attitude. You may be easily affected by these people with negative attitude who are only going to bring more sad things into your life? Do not ignore the ugly traits of your colleagues or the friends that do not pay attention to your needs. Do not complain about the public transport that is going to be over within half an hour. Accept things the way they are. Relax and enjoy the ride. Get rid of the negative thoughts in your mind. Remember positive thinking will always bring you positive results.